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Charles Venable Junior Miller Jerry Helms
James Berrier Burt Myers Tim Vaden
Jonathan Brown John Smith Larry Auman

Charles Venable

Current – 2012 National Land Speed records. 15 time record holder and counting

All drivers have to be licensed for certain speeds thus the speed increments. It just so Happens in the E class, Charles’s licensing runs were actually National records. No One had ever taken a 255 cubic inch engine that fast.

ALL 15 National records are current and we will smash those in the upcoming races. We endeavor to get faster and faster every time out. We are very proud of what Charles Venable has accomplished with our power plant. Charles is looking for Sponsorship to go and set a world record at Bonneville. If you or your company would like National recognition, give us a call.

Charles and his car have been documented, photoed, and written about in several HOTROD magazine issue’s.

E engine class records any combustion engine under 260 cubic inches

These records set by a Salter built 255 chevy engine naturally aspirated 4 barrel on 110 gasoline

Charles ran the same in engine with same set up in the Blown Fuel category and still set another record

Using a 3500 LBS 1933 Vickey Coupe from a standing start at Maxton, NC and Loring MN.

Car #806 E/CBFALT 140.166 OCT 2008
Car #806 E/CBGALT 137.115 OCT 2008
Car #805 E/CFALT 152.301 APR 2011
Car #805 E/CGALT 158.705 SEPT 2010
Car #805 E/CGALT 163.277 2010
Car #805 E/CFALT 175.250 2010

We ran our 355 cubic inch chevy all the way up to the 500 cubic inch class using 1 carb and 110 gasoline.

C engine class records

355 cubic inch iron head


#805 C/CFALT 184.768 2011
#805 A/CBFALT 187.775 2011
#805 B/CBFALT 187.781 2011
#805 C/CBFALT 188.311 2011


Salter built 370 cubic inch Chevy naturally aspirated 4 barrel 110 gasoline racing against 500 cubic inch engines on Methanol

Car #805 C/CFALT 190.205 OCT 2011
Car #805 B/CBGALT 183.972 SEPT 2011
#805 C/CBGALT 191.006 OCT 2011
#805 A/CGALT 184.829 SEPT 2011
#805 C/CGALT 183.715 SEPT 2011

Below is the Land Speed Engine Classification chart that explains what each

letter means.

Engine Classes


Cubic Inch Displacement

Approximate Liter Equiv.


501 cid and over

8.21 liters and over


440 thru 500

7.21 to 8.19


373 thru 439

6.11 to 7.19


306 thru 372

5.01 to 6.10


261 thru 305

4.27 to 5.00


184 thru 260

3.01 to 4.26


123 thru 183

2.01 to 3.00


93 thru 122

1.51 to 2.00


62 thru 92

1.01 to 1.50


46 thru 61

0.76 to 1.00


31 thru 45

0.51 to 0.75


30 cid and under

0.50 and under

Classic Class

C/CGALT = C motor/ Classic Gas Altered (F = Fuel B= Blown ) we never ran fuel or blown, just ran our small gas motor against bigger classes and got the records. We can run small motor up in class but not down C can run C or larger class E can run E or larger.
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Junior Miller drove his #69

Whelen NASCAR Modified to a record breaking championship. He accomplished fastest lap for the year, most wins ever at Bowman Gray Stadium, the oldest NASCAR track in the nation, and most pole positions for 2006 running a Salter Racing Engine. Junior Miller is a 15 time NASCAR Modified Champion.

Junior Miller in his famous #69 NASCAR Modified with win number 70 at Bowman Gray Stadium. Another record for the veteran!


Jerry Helmes races in the inline 6 cylinder division at Bowman Grey Stadium. He won the first race of his career in 2009 as a second year racer. Jerry states “We did it running a Salter Engine. This is only our second year racing and we won at one of the toughest tracks to win in one of the hardest divisions – street stock. Brian Salter has really helped us with the great power and reliability and is always there for us. Thanks Brian.”

The awesome Wicked Witch of the South driven by James Berrier, is powered by a custom Salter built 605 cubic inch big block Chevy. It is a single carb, naturally aspirated, 23 degree head engine making nearly 1200 horsepower on gasoline alone. James has won over 10 races and over 20 top 5 in 2009. Way to go James!

Burt Myers in the #1 NASCAR modified. Congratulations Burt!

The #18 of Tim Vaden is certainly no stranger to the winners circle. With multiple wins and many top 5’s he is in the who’s who of street stock racing. Way to go Tim!

The #53 Modified driven by Jonathan Brown has visited the winner circle many times in 2009. He is an up and coming driver with a lot of heart. Great job Jonathan!

Old school meets new school  Puddin Swisher, Brian Salter, Jon Boy

Salter Racing Engines with John Smith behind the wheel at Charlotte Motorspeedway. Coming from 9th position to 3rd before blowing the clutch around lap 150 ultimatley finishing 4th



Larry Auman 1950 Oldsmobile 88

Engine by Salter

303 bored to a 325 cubic inch tri power

Custom Mells ignition, ceramic headers, custom camshaft, and mild head porting

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Junior Miller with Salter Power Not getting through the corner too well, but got plenty of motor to get away from the field