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Brian Salter is a College Graduate with a double degree. His first degree was a major in Automotive Systems Technology and Electronics. His secondary degree was a major in Advanced Machining and Industrial Electronics and wiring. He has been passionate about Automotive and Marine Engines since he could remember as a child having built his first engine at age 12. Among his college degree’s, He is a Master ASE Certified Engine Machinist, He has a Masters from NRI in Automotive Servicing, He is Certified by the State of NC as a Tool and Dye Journeyman, He has a Diploma from GTCC in Conventional Machining. A Engineering Diploma From the US Army, and many other certificates and achievements ever learning to better himself and his passion for making horsepower.

Salter Racing Engines has been Nominated Business of the year by the LSBA 3 times since 2008. They are also illistrated in the Who’s Who of Business. These accomplishments have not come easy and a special thank you to his Wife and Family for all the support they have given. We want the absolute best product for the money spent that a customer could ask for and we are constantly challenging ourselves to make sure we are up to date and ready to design and build any engine you want. That is our Promise to you the customer.

Junior Miller with Salter Power Not getting through the corner too well, but got plenty of motor to get away from the field